Remove MSN Live 8.0 Ads

Tuesday, August 15. 2006

MSN Messenger Live 8.0Update: several people are indicating that with very little changes the instructions below work on the 8.5 version of MSN Messenger Live as well.

A few days back, I received an email from someone calling himself 'bug beatle', with instructions on how to remove the ads from MSN Messenger Live 8.0. I've since updated them with some more tweaks of my own, so here you go:

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[Tutorial] Remove MSN Messenger 7.5 Ads

Friday, April 8. 2005

MSN Messenger 7.5Instructions for MSN Live Messenger 8.0 are also available.

If you downloaded MSN Messenger 7.5, you might want to remove the advertising that is placed at the bottom of the main messenger window.

I will give you some details to do it manually. To edit the msnmsgr.exe file, you'll need a program called Resource Hacker, a freeware program to edit the resources that a Windows program uses. You can download Resource Hacker here. There is no installation, just download the ZIP file, create a folder on your hard drive, unzip the file there, and run the ResHacker.exe file.

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