Silverlight in Firefox without administrator rights

Wednesday, January 5. 2011

I see lots of people asking online for a way to install Microsoft Silverlight plugin into a browser, without needing administrator rights on the target Windows PC. I've finally found a solution online that I'd like to share with you:

  1. Download the latest Silverlight SDK from (version 4 is the latest at the moment)
  2. Open silverlight_sdk.exe with e.g. 7-zip
  3. Extract and open (again with e.g. 7-zip)
  4. Extract the following list of files from the CAB archive into the plugin folder of your web browser (e.g. C:\Program Files\Firefox\plugins):
  5. Restart Firefox and verify that Silverlight plugin is active in the Tools > Add-ons screen

In-line reply style in Outlook

Sunday, January 18. 2009

I've been forced to use MS Outlook as a mail client for some years now. For my work, I tend to communicate with Open Source software developers and mailinglists quite often. Needless to say, the Outlook reply style and HTML formatting of messages is not really compatible with that.

To overcome this, I've been using a VBA macro to create a special ReplyToAll button. Today, I've perfected this macro and I'm publishing it for others to use.

The macro has the following features:

  1. Reply in Plain Text automatically
  2. Set Reply Style to use '>' indenting, a.k.a. in-line reply style
  3. Get rid of automatic signature that Outlook may insert into the reply
  4. Remove the Outlook Reply header and replace with "On <DATE>, <NAME> wrote:"

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Remove MSN Live 8.0 Ads

Tuesday, August 15. 2006

MSN Messenger Live 8.0Update: several people are indicating that with very little changes the instructions below work on the 8.5 version of MSN Messenger Live as well.

A few days back, I received an email from someone calling himself 'bug beatle', with instructions on how to remove the ads from MSN Messenger Live 8.0. I've since updated them with some more tweaks of my own, so here you go:

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